Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday April 13th 2008: Back in Morogoro and the experience at Saba Saba market

We leave Mvomero and catch the 6:30 bus back to Morogoro. It is a very nice Dalla Dalla. I sit next to a woman and her daughter. Bags and boxes appear and disappear around me as passengers board and leave. The driver’s assistant chats me up and rubs my fake wedding ring. Also admires my hiking boots and knocks on them like they are wood and keeps saying knuckles and showing me his hands! I laugh as I don’t understand but I am trying to engage anyway. The little girl next to me seams very happy about where she is going. She looks like she is about 8 but here you never know as people are so short and younger looking. I can’t sleep as I am too stimulated by watching the people and the road. A Masai woman gets on the bus and looks very distinguished. She is wearing a beautiful white beaded necklace
2 and ½ hours later we get to Morogoro and switch to a regular run down Dalla Dalla to get back to the Amani center. We decide to relax until 12pm when we take a taxi back to Morogoro to go to Saba Saba, this crazy street market where you can find just about everything at the risk of getting mugged. I get 2 tangas. They are traditional fabric women use to wrap around their bodies in many different ways. Eventually a man does try to steel from my pocket and I grab his arm yelling no and he stops. If you yell, the thieves stop as they risk being stoned if caught by the police.
When we get back to where the buses are, the road is filled with mud deep in certain parts. Michael and I step into a deep patch and actually can’t get our flip-flops out. When I finally get my feet out, a man kindly starts to clean them.

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